New Culture Northern California

Autumn Convergence

September 22 – 27, 2023 

Saratoga Springs Retreat Center
Upper Lake, CA

Come home to the beautiful retreat space of Saratoga Springs and be held in love by the best of what New Culture has to offer…. Living in Loving Community.  

The Autumn Convergence schedule will be filled with:  

♥  Morning Community Gathering during which we gather to invite a new day of love and exploration

♥  Zegg Forum in which we reveal whatever is authentic, alive and true within us as we form a community from deep within the hearts of those present

♥  Love Groups where you are invited to dive deep into intimacy building questions and revelations within a small group

♥  A variety of community-led workshops, playshops, presentations and conversations in which to learn, practice, play, enjoy and contribute.  Multi-track offerings most afternoons.

♥  All-Community gatherings such as Puja, Nine-Minute Dates, and Talent Show and Auction

♥  Sacred Sensual Temple

♥  Delicious meals catered by Saratoga Springs, and time to enjoy them

♥  Spaciousness in which to love, embrace, retreat, renew, connect, rest, revisit, explore, experiment, be…. 

Saratoga Springs Retreat Center offers abundant space to retreat, connect, and create experiences with yourself and others outside of the scheduled gatherings.  In support of the retreat atmosphere, no work shifts are required, though we will be inviting participants to volunteer for leadership and support roles.  We trust that everyone comes with a warm volunteer spirit.  All participants are invited to co-create, and be co-responsible for, the community and our time together. 

For our COVID policy for this event, please see the registration page. 

Come join us as we weave a web of love and sing our songs of life.  Bring your talents, your skills, your wisdom and creativity, and let’s rise together in a spirited cacophony of co-existence!  


Questions/Comments?  Please contact us by email.


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