2017 Info

Programming includes:

  • Camper-Presented Workshops (all presenters are also campers, and all campers are invited to present).  More than one workshop will often be offered at one time, presenting opportunity for choice.  These are subject to change at the discretion of the presenter.  
    • Max Rivers returns to share more of his approach to Non-Violent Communication, with an emphasis on relationship building and maintenance, and to offer opportunity for guided practice.  This camp offers an opportunity to be one of the first to see and hear about Max’s new book!  Max also brings his experience with east-coast New Culture communities to share with us as together we talk about what New Culture means to us and how we desire it to be expressed in community. Click here for more information.
    • Fred Burks offers an experience in Healing Sexual Shame where he leads a number of exercises to shine light on the ways we were all shut down very young in our sexuality and explore how to release that and step into our sexual magnificence with ourselves and with each other.
    • Ray Cohen will be our Temple Tender and has also offered to lead a Yoni Massage for Couplessession and an Introduction to Peer Counseling.
    • Yum and Desiree offer an introduction to Betty Martin’s Wheel of Consent, and Brenda offers further opportunities to Practice the Four Quadrants that make up the Wheel.
    • Summer offers a class on Auriculotherapy, “Self Care with Ear Points”.  Participants will explore their own most important points and learn some common useful protocols (stress, pain, emotional health).
    • Karin plans to convene a group to discuss the ideas that Sarah Shulman presents in Conflict is Not Abuse:  Overstating Harm, Community Responsibility and the Duty of Repair.  Although it will be great if you’ve read the book, Karen will present an overview of the author’s ideas before the group discusses them.  The author’s ideas have implications for all kinds of relationships, from our most intimate, to groups such as New Culture to global conflicts.
    • Keith offers an introduction to and exercises from Heart of Now.  Heart of Now specifically focuses on feeling and releasing emotion, as well as noticing and changing restrictive ideas we have about ourselves and others. Heart of Now often brings clarity to those with confusion, healing to those carrying emotional burdens, connection to those who feel isolated, and inspiration to those who feel stuck.
    • Behzad offers an experience in Mindful Movement and Touch (improv style).
    • Dr. Dan teaches How To Adjust Yourself.  (link to video)
    • Gary will be offering a Sacred Clown Workshop to help you realize your “Funny” self. Participant will employ Improv exercises, Body Movement and Vocal Work to help free up their playful selves.  Gary has acted for 30 years, mostly in NY and LA, sung and performed Pantomime on stage at Carnegie Hall, appeared in some really bad films, and Roller Skated in the LA Opera. He also operated a Clown business in NY in the 80’s.
    • More to come!!
  • Small group gatherings
    • Love Groups of less than 20 campers in which to be heard by and hear other campers, create an experience with one another, or say/do anything the group consciousness may create.
    • Gender Groups
    • Conversations With/About….  (A few possibilities are below.  More may come to light at camp.)
      • Healthy Foods – led by Summer.  A discussion of the 3 traditional foods most needed in our modern world (nourishing fats, bone broth, and real ferments).
      • Senior Sex and Poly – led by Thomas.  Thomas recently  presented on this topic in Vienna Austria at an International poly conference.
      • Embodied NVC – led by Max Rivers.  Q&A, help/practice with specific situations. Bring your curiosity.
      • Gradients of Agreement – led by Karin.  A process for groups who are striving towards consensus but can’t get there to make a decision that honors everyone’s input but let’s them move forward.
  • Zegg Forum
  • Dancing – A fun way to get the juices flowing and be in synch and resonate with your community.
  • Sacred Sensual Temple – Indoor and outdoor space for both guided and camper-initiated exploration of ways to see, think of and explore sexuality and sensuality in the new culture we seek to create.  
  • Talent Show and Auction – A lively evening where campers are invited to entertain the community with their talents (3-ish minutes per act), interspersed with a fast-paced auction of camper offered delights to raise funds for future camp scholarships. 
  • A spacious schedule allowing time to enjoy meals and still have time for a shower, meditation, conversation and whatever makes Camp a special time for you!
    Please contact us with any questions.

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