Financial Assistance

If the full Registration fee is beyond your current financial means, please contact us and/or enter your request in the ‘Additional Comments or Questions’ section of the Registration Form so we can collaborate with you to best meet your and the community’s needs.  Options for payment include personal funds, partial scholarship, work exchange, sponsorship and/or a payment plan.  


♥  SCHOLARSHIP – Contact us to apply for a scholarship, or make your request in the ‘Additional Comments or Questions’ section of the Registration Form.  

Stating the amount you are seeking is helpful to us.  A scholarship will not cover 100% of the registration fee.  Funds are allocated from the balance available in the Scholarship Fund as requests are received and can be exhausted before registration closes.  Therefore, APPLY EARLY. 

 Contact us to discuss and apply for WORK EXCHANGE positions, or indicate your interest in the‘Additional Comments or Questions’ section of the Registration Form so we can reach out to you.  Work Exchange will not cover 100% of the registration fee.  Positions typically fill quickly, so APPLY EARLY.

♥  SPONSORSHIP is an option for those needing funds in addition to scholarship, work exchange and personal funds.  Sponsorship Requests are most effective when initiated early.  

With this option, you contact us and provide a written request for Sponsorship.  We post it on this website so others coming here, or those you ask to come here, will see it and those who are willing and able can pledge to fund a portion of your registration.  You may wish to offer goods and/or services (massage, help with setting up a tent and/or shuttling  belongings, chocolate treats, a personalized poem, a wake-up or goodnight song, etc.) in exchange for Sponsorship, with all such arrangements being between the people making the agreement.

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