Karma Yoga and Love Groups

     circle   A Little About Karma Yoga

The Sanskrit phrase “Karma Yoga” means (more or less) the spiritual path of community service. We use this phrase to refer to our shared work.

Autumn Camp is a co-created community experience where everyone contributes to the work that needs to be done to prepare meals, tidy community areas, clean up after meals, and so on. Working together builds community. Doing something together such as helping prepare a meal or tidying the Temple allows us to experience people in a different kind of setting, practice relationship skills and demonstrate love for the community.

If you have a special circumstance or other need/limitation/requirement in regard to your Karma Yoga participation – please contact us via email before camp.

What is a Love Group?  healing

We are experimenting with having a period of time each full day of camp when campers will meet in 4 small groups. Each Love Group will be responsible for an area of Karma Yoga (KY) each day. The group will decide together how to accomplish their KY. The group will usually have time to do something together other than KY during the time scheduled for Love Groups. Each group will decide how to use the time they have. Each group will have a leader or co-leaders to facilitate this process and provide suggestions. Please contact us by email if you are interested in knowing more about a volunteer position as a Love Group leader and/or co-leader.

As part of our experiment, we are sorting the groups by “Love Language”.  There are 5 Love Languages and 4 groups, so how they will be sorted is a mystery.  Everyone is asked to complete a Love Language quiz so we will have your numbers for all of the Languages. A printable quiz may be found here (QuizforLoveGroups).  You can also use the official Love Language site (click here to open a new window for Love Language site), which asks for personal information that may put you on their mailing list, to take an on-line quiz.

We’ll appreciate your contacting us by email to send your results (the total number for each language) before camp so we won’t spend precious camp time on the sorting process.