Kelly Bryson’s Mission


I and other New Culture people have been on a mission for about 20 years now to establish mental, spiritual, sensual paradises, in the form of realistic Utopian communities mostly in the U.S. and Europe.  And we have been wildly successful beyond my dreams.

I so so love this work as I’ve seen how deeply liberating it is to thousands of people  (for example 26,000 guest students come thru the Zegg Community every year).  I taught at about 15 newer and older communities this summer, Tribal Technologies, including NVC and more.

I have also found that being a conduit/channel for this work gives me so much intense joy that it drastically helps me with certain neurological challenges I have.  My work is my medicine, as it seems to provide me with the joy juice, and dopamine that my body needs to operate symptom free.  When I am in “the Field” of this work of love I am free of the suffering and the physical symptoms.

I would so so appreciate any donation/investment you can make to help get this New Culture/Tribal Technologies/Liberated Love/Transparency/Zegg Forum/NVC for communities work out there to so many people who are so deeply hungry and ready for this information and consciousness.  I will use this money to start and sustain more of these communities creating a world wide web/network of healing biotopes to support this great new Terra Nova, a New Earth this global revolution and The Healing of Love.

If you have a largish donation and would like a tax deductible receipt, please contact me.

So thank you for your support, whether you give money or not to this New Culture of Joy, (which by the way we have already fully created and now we are just growing it) freedom based communities, healing of the masculine/feminine wound, and our return to trust with Nature.

Note:  This link will take you to Kelly’s Pay Pal account, which is separate from Autumn Camp’s Pay Pal account.

More about Kelly’s work in communities:
  • This summmer I spent 2 months teaching at: “Lernort Wuppertal”  community for revolutionary progressive economies education
  • Schonsee “Nature community” – A child of the Tamera in Portugal vegan community  and five-star hotel
  • “Ein neues wir” the new we Community in Germany
  • Beguines – an all women’s network of communities 30 throughout Germany
  • The Zegg Community (The center for an Experiment in Cultural Design)  near Berlin where I taught tribal technologies(
  • The Tamera Community in Portugal, A Peace Research Center, where I am going this Aug.
  • The Maui Forum (which I helped start 6 years ago)- I spent a month teaching in various New Culture communities in Hawaii last Jan.
  • Also see this short video fron The Cedar House Community (which I taught community building toos to) about the kind of work and projects I am working with, including Tamera)
  • And about a dozen others I help get started, and others that I have started in previous years and came back to continue teaching and nurturing them.
  • Kelly’s email is