Our community is a rich resource of skills, knowledge and experience.  Thus, we have chosen to only offer ‘Workshops’ gifted and presented by Autumn Convergence participants.  New Culture Northern California does not offer monetary compensation in exchange for presentations.

‘Workshops’ are opportunities for you to offer a gift to the community by leading/facilitating a Workshop, Playshop, Movement Experience, Music Experience, Demonstration, Conversation, etc.

If you wish to offer something to be scheduled in advance, please complete the form at the bottom of this page.  You will need to complete a separate form for each offering if you wish to offer more than one.  If you have several for us to choose from, they can all be listed on one form (please clearly differentiate each one).

♦  We will collaborate with you to find a place and time for offerings submitted BEFORE September 1 .

♦  For the benefit of the community, we do our best to offer a variety of options during each time period.

♦  Do not expect any of the time periods to be single-track – there is usually more than one thing offered at a time.

♦  Please know that with so many opportunities, your audience size is unpredictable.

♦  There will be a time in the Morning Gathering, the day your offering is scheduled, for you to speak a BRIEF (3o seconds or less) description of your offering.  You are also welcome to post printed information outside the Heart Lodge.

♦  If we feel your offering does not fit well with overall programming, we will request that you self-organize rather than be scheduled in advance.

Offerings are often birthed during the event, and participants are welcome to self-organize those as long as space is available and there is no interference with all-community programming.  We request that anyone self-organizing an offering for the community check-in with the Core Team so we can include it in the schedule posted daily and assist you with finding a space while protecting pre-scheduled offerings.

You must click ‘SUBMIT’ at the bottom of the form for it to be delivered to us.  Do not leave this page until the form ‘blanks out’ and you see a message confirming the form has been submitted.  You may not see the message unless you scroll up.  If the form doesn’t ‘blank out’, scroll through the form to look for messages that you didn’t answer a mandatory question and correct those, and then click ‘SUBMIT’ again.  If it’s just taking a long time and all else looks good, click ‘SUBMIT’ again.  You will also receive an email FROM GOOGLE  after successfully submitting the form.  If you do not receive this, please email us.