Sponsorship Requests

Requests for Sponsorship –

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Sponsorships provide a way for you to share your financial abundance with others and to express your support of them and the Autumn Convergence community.  Thank you for considering this opportunity!!
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The following people want to be a part of Autumn Convergence and are unable to fully fund the remainder of their registration fee after scholarship, work exchange positions and their own funds have been applied.

Your help, via partial or full sponsorship, will provide them an opportunity to join us.  Any amount is welcome.

Alara –  Request Fulfilled – Thank you!!

Hello Community! 

I’m requesting $200 of financial support to help ease my way to Autumn Convergence this year.  Had some surprising tooth and car issues this year that ate up a serious amount of FUN funds.  If you are willing to contribute to my comings and goings at camp this year, I would be super grateful. 

Love and cuddles,

Amy –  Request Fulfilled – Thank you!!

Hello friends,

I request sponsorship assistance for Autumn Convergence.  I so love participating and joining in the co-creation of this new culture community.  I am honored by any collaboration via contribution to facilitate my participation in Autumn Convergence.

In appreciation for any donations of $100 or more, I offer an aquatic bodywork session (watsu or other relaxing and/or playful water session) in the hot tub at Saratoga Springs on Wednesday or Thursday before Convergence (or during the weekend as we can arrange if you do not arrive before start time on Thursday).

Thank you!!

Love and hugs,

Myztery Joy –  Request Fulfilled – Thank you!!
Dearest New Culture Friends,
I am so grateful for this community in my life!  I am so looking forward to seeing you at another amazing Autumn Convergence this year.
After adding up what I can pay, work trade, and scholarship funds offered,  I still need $95 to cover the cost of my registration.  If you choose to sponsor me in any amount over $30, I would love to offer you an hour of adoring touch and intuitive massage at camp as a genuine expression of my gratitude and appreciation.
Much Love to you all,
Myztery Joy

 How to Sponsor Someone:

If you have already registered, please contact us with the amount of sponsorship you are offering and the name of the person you wish to sponsor.  Once that person has received sufficient sponsorships to fulfill their need, we will contact you to request payment.  

Please note that Sponsorships are NOT tax deductible because tax law prohibits us from accepting donations for a designated person.  If you have a personal relationship with someone requesting sponsorship, you are welcome to coordinate directly with them.  If you choose to do this, NCNC will not be responsible for that transaction.

General donations to the Scholarship Fund (info on the Registration page) or to NCNC are tax deductible to the extent allowed by the IRS.  

If you wish to send a check, please mail it to:  

145 CR 51
Cotopaxi, CO  81223

If you prefer to use Pay Pal, click the donate button below: