Volunteer Opportunities & Items Needed

Yes!  We need volunteers and loaned items.  helping hands

On Friday, 9/23 we need volunteers to be on site by noon to:
  • Greet campers as they arrive, direct them to parking, and direct them to registration.
  • Register campers after they park.
  • Assist campers with unloading if needed.

Please contact us by email if you can help out with these tasks.

Before camp, we need volunteers to agree to lead and/or co-lead a Love Group during camp.
  • For more info, see KY and Love Groups page
  • We will provide some ideas on how to facilitate your group, and your creativity and flexibility are welcome.
  • If you are interested in leading a Love Group, please contact us by email.
We need to borrow the following:
  • Tables (that can be outside for a few days) – Dining height, any shape. For dining, silent auction and misc.
  • Mattresses, futon mattresses, foam pads, etc. for the Temple. Our Temple is HUGE (it’s a large yurt with no furniture in it) and it will be so very nice to have lots of comfy spots on the floor.
  • Rugs for the Temple.
  • Shade structures and/or umbrellas with a base for the deck overlooking the pool and the pool area.
  • Outdoor furniture for around the pool. Campers will be asked to bring their own chairs and such, but a few extra to share will be nice.
  • Outdoor games – Corn Hole, Ladder Golf, Limbo Bar, ????
  • Beach balls and other floating things for pool party that you are willing to be used with no guarantee of them being returned intact
  • Anything else you think will add to the ambience and/or comfort of camp?

Please contact us if you have any of these items to loan.

During camp we’ll be asking for volunteer:
  • Fire Tenders – in the Temple if evenings are chilly, maybe in the lodge, and in the outdoor fire pit (if no fireban)
  • Time Keepers – to help keep us on track throughout the day
  • Town Criers – to announce the start of scheduled events
  • Break-down and load-up help for Wednesday.  We want to be finished by 3:00.
  • Experienced campers to be camp buddies to new campers.