Property Map

Tent Space, dry RV/Vehicle Camping and shared Dorm Space are include in your camp fee.  
  • Tent Space is plentiful.  Shade is available.  Green grass is unlikely given the season.  The areas closest to the pool (and therefore close to toilets and showers) are also close to the interior road and have less shade and more dirt (both surface and airborne).  The more shady and quiet spots are farther from facilities and roads.  A few spaces are available near an electric outlet should you have a health condition that requires access to electricity (bring your own outdoor extension cord).  Plan to shuttle your camping equipment from a loading zone, or roadside if you are camped near the interior road, to your campsite in provided carts.  Please contact us in advance if you have a special need for your car to be adjacent to your campsite or if you  need electricity.
  • RV/Vehicle Camping Spaces are a parking place, though some are partially shaded.  Most do not have access to electricity.  We will be able to provide access to an electric outlet (bring your own outdoor extension cord) should you have a health condition that requires it, and this may limit your location options. Please contact us in advance if you need electricity for medical reasons.  Saratoga Springs also has a few electrical connections for RVs available for an additional fee, first-come/first-serve.  Do nocount on  these being available or to have more than 110V service. 
  • There are 3 Dorm Rooms with 4 or 5 twin bunks each on the second floor of the Main Lodge. Bedding is provided (personal bedding is not allowed).  An adjacent bathroom with multiple showers and toilets is shared by these rooms.  At least one of these rooms will be designated for those who snore or use a CPAP  machine (bring your own extension cord).  Although quiet hours will be in effect, sound may travel from the first floor (where the kitchen, dining and gathering spaces are located) and perhaps from room to room so please bring ear plugs just-in-case.  Specific beds may be claimed first come/first serve when you arrive at camp.  THERE IS NO ELEVATOR, so you must be able to navigate stairs to access the dorm space.  If this is a hardship for you, please contact us in advance.
Private Lodging – 

The following fees are in addition to your camp registration.  The fee is for all of camp, even if you do not use the room the entire time, and also includes use the night of early arrival if you’ve paid the grounds fee for early arrival.  

The fee is PER ROOM.  One person must pay the full amount for a given room.  That person  may invite others to share the space and cost up to the number of bed spaces in that room – with all such arrangements being between the people making the agreement.   

If the room or cabin you want is not currently available, please note that you prefer to have that space (and any secondary choices) in the ‘Additional Comments or Questions’ section of the registration form so we may contact you should the space become available.   

If you have a specific need related to lodging, please contact us ASAP so we can work together to best meet that need. ***** If having private lodging is mandatory for you, please go ahead and register, state this need, and be assured that we will either find private lodging for you or fully refund your registration if lack of private lodging prevents you from attending. *****

Bed descriptions are current per Saratoga Springs.  Although there is no guarantee the exact bed described will be the one there at the time of camp, Saratoga Springs will do everything possible to meet your needs.  Lodging is somewhat rustic, although all rooms have electricity, lights and heat, so perhaps ‘basic’ is a better description.  All bedding is provided, and personal bedding is not allowed.  

Cabins 1, 2, 5 and 7 have a front porch with stairs to the porch.  Some single room cabins require navigating steps and/or an elevation change.  Please contact us in advance if you have a specific accessibility need.  

Parking near the cabins is limited.  You may need to shuttle your belongings in a provided cart.  One reserved parking space will be allocated to each room in Cabins 1, 2, 5 and 7.  Cabins A-H do not have parking spaces near the cabin and do not include a reserved parking space. 

We will make every attempt to keep availability up-to-date here, and selection priority will be given based on the date/time your Registration Form is submitted. We’ll let you know within a day or two of submitting your registration if the room you’ve selected is no longer available.

Cabin 1  Four rooms share a bath with 2 showers and a separate toilet room.  Rooms open on to a central hallway. Central hallway is entered from the front or back porch.  (Floorplan)

A – King or Two Twins (your choice) – $275 

B – Two Full – $275 

C – King or Two Twins (your choice) – $275 

D – Full and Twin – $275 (photo

Cabin 2 –  Four rooms, two bathrooms – each bathroom is shared by two rooms (A&B, C&D) with entry to the bathroom from inside of each of the two rooms sharing it (except Room C, where entrance to bath is via the rear porch) .  The entrance to each room is from the outside of the cabin – A & B from the front porch, C from the small rear porch and D from the side of cabin.  NOTE:  Room B, which is entered directly from the front porch, will be used for a Love Group during daily Love Group time and other community uses throughout the day.  (Floorplan)

A – Queen Bunk – $250 (photo)

C – Two Full beds (updated since floorplan published), small room, must walk outside on porch to access bathroom . – $250 (photo

D – Two Twins, small room, cannot be made into King. – $225 (photo

Cabin 7   This cabin has 2 bedrooms (one with a Full and Twin, one with a Full), a sitting room with a futon, and a bathroom.  It is currently available as one unit for $400.  NOTE: The sitting room will be used for a Love Group during Love Group time.  (Floorplan) (photo) (photo)   

Single-Room Cabin, No Bath –  Cabins A -F are standalone. G&H are backed up to one another, though walls are not shared.  (photo) (photo) 

A, E, F, G & H – Full Bed- choose from available cabins upon arrival.  – $175 

B – Queen – $185  

C & D – King or Two Twins (your choice) – first arrival makes specific cabin choice. – $195  

All bedding for indoor lodging beds will be provided.  You may NOT bring your own bedding for use on indoor lodging beds.  All bedding, including blankets, comforters, and duvet encasements and covers, is washed between groups.  If you need to use your own pillow, you must encase it in an encasement provided by Saratoga Springs before bringing it inside a cabin or dorm room.