To give you an idea of how things typically flow, here is a link to open the 2023 schedule in a new window:   Schedule Autumn Convergence – 2023

One of the things we often hear is a request for more free time. We also hear from people wanting more scheduled programming.  Our schedule attempts to find a healthy balance between these two.  You are not expected to attend every published event in the schedule.  Most events are optional and offered as a gift to the community.  We trust everyone to be at choice and take time for themselves as needed/desired.

Every effort will be made to stop and end things as shown in the schedule, and your help by being on-time is very much appreciated.  Some offerings are purposefully scheduled to end during a mealtime.  Meal service is available for 1 hour – not everyone can serve themselves in the first few minutes, so having some folks arrive later works well.  

If you miss Morning Circle, please be responsible for asking others to update you with any important information presented there.  It’s always a good idea to periodically check the information posted outside the Heart Lodge.