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The registration link is available at the bottom of this page.
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The registration fee is a sliding scale:
$900 – $2,000
$650 – $2,000 for under 40 y.o.

If it is in your heart and within your financial ability, please consider paying above the minimum rate to help support scholarships, work exchange, and building a cash reserve for future events. And if you this amount feels daunting to you, please don’t let the finances stop you from coming. Contact us about a scholarship and we are happy to explore options.

Registration includes meals from lunch on Friday, 9/22 through brunch on Wednesday, 9/27, shared dorm space, tent space, and dry RV/vehicle camping.

Please contact us by email with any questions about registration or logistics.

We have observed that commuting to, arriving at and getting set-up at Autumn Convergence can be challenging.  We request that if possible, you plan to devote your entire arrival day to Autumn Convergence in support of yourself and the volunteer organizing team.  Please arrive on the property between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. on Friday (lunch will be available 1-2:00).  Plan your travel to allow generous time to arrive, check-in, have lunch, and get yourself set-up BEFORE 4 p.m.

End time on Wednesday, 9/27 is approximately 2 pm.  We need to vacate the property shortly thereafter, so please make travel plans accordingly.

An early arrival day is offered on Thursday, 9/21 for the Saratoga Springs grounds fee of $85.

An early arrival day, beginning at noon 9/21, provides opportunity to ease into Autumn Convergence.  You are welcome to take time for yourself – hike, walk the labyrinth, relax by the pool, soak in the hot tub, sleep in….  and/or to help with any set-up activities underway that feel good to you.  Those who have previously participated in early arrival commented on how relaxing it was and how ready they were to connect with the larger community on Friday.

Meals before lunch on 9/22 are not included in early arrival fee.  Dinner on 9/21 and breakfast on 9/22 are available from Saratoga Springs for an additional fee (must reserve in advance on registration form).  A Personal Foods Kitchen is available, and a few restaurants are 15 minutes away in Upper Lake.  Early arrival lodging will be the same as you have selected for Autumn Convergence.  The early arrival grounds fee and meals pre-purchased from Saratoga Springs  are fully refundable if notice is received BEFORE August 15.

Private Cabin Lodging

Purchasing a private room is another way you can contribute to the financial sustainability of this event and New Culture Northern California.  For private room info and pricing, click here.  We’ll be asking about this in early July when final registration acceptance will be determined.

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Donations to the scholarship fund
are very much appreciated.
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Add any amount to the scholarship section on your registration form, and we’ll add that to our scholarship fund. The donation you enter during registration will be included on your invoice.

If you’d like to use PayPal to donate to the scholarship fund, you can use the Donate button below. If you do so, please don’t add that to your registration form so that you aren’t charged on your invoice.

WELLNESS policy for Autumn Convergence (AC)


We ask everyone to hold a relatively tight bubble for five days before the event, which includes refraining from going to large events and practicing social distancing with unfamiliar people. We request that you wear a good quality mask when using public transportation during this period. If there is a COVID-19 spike before camp, we may tighten this policy.

We invite everyone to take a COVID-19 test three days before the event. We require that everyone take a test the day that they arrive at the event. The test can be a home test or any other test accepted by the CDC. Please bring a couple tests with you should the need arise during the event.

If at any time during the event a person comes down with concerning symptoms, or if they learn after arrival that they have recently been directly exposed to someone before coming to camp who later tested positive, they will be required to quarantine until they test negative on a PCR test. Should this happen, other attendees will not be required to quarantine, to distance, or to wear masks. Secondary exposures (exposed to someone who was exposed) will not result in any requirements. All campers are free at any time to take whatever precautions they feel are necessary for themselves.

For anyone who misses one or more days of camp because of our COVID care measures, registration fees will be refunded based on the number of days missed on a prorated basis. If anyone has to cancel in the days before camp because of a positive test, their full registration will be refunded minus a $50 service charge.

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Please note acceptance to the event will be determined in early July. We’ll contact you then with further information and details.